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Staten Island Rental Apartments


As student pursuing your studies in NYC where the word Campus is almost inexistent, the perfect apartment becomes an integral part of the university experience. Our wide inventory of furnished roommate share apartments and sublets are conveniently located next to universities and cultural centers in all five boroughs. With the option of many amenities, such as internet access, a full kitchen and cable television, MPH can find you the perfect place to start your career as a student, and your life as a New Yorker. Every where you go in New York you can find students. For those artistically inclined the East Village, right near New York University and Cooper Union will put you in the center of city life. Williumsburg in Brooklyn will surround you with like minded individuals and an easy commute to the city. Cheeper areas, such as Bushwick can place you in an area filled with indie galleries, and warehouse concerts. Uptown and Downtown Manhattan, placing you near Wall street, or Columbia University, will provide a place for those desiring to live in upper class area or the center of economic culture in New York.